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Let’s talk about Climat Change

We are half way through our winter season here in the French Alps and are noticing the climate change on our front door – while Athens is shuffling the snow from their streets with spades that have never touched snow

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As we have a little bit more time on our hands than normally during lockdown we thought we would write about what implications Covid-19 has on our paddleboard school and how ‘business as usual’ after lockdown could look like. (COVID-19

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Mental Health Benefits of Paddleboarding

Year after year, Google Trends as well as the SUPIA (Standup Paddle Industry Association) continues to report an increase in the participation rates in Stand Up Paddleboarding. From first-timers taking a class while on vacation, to long-time enthusiasts, it is

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Watersports in Tenby

Tenby has been voted as one of the prettiest seaside towns in Europe. And in 2014 Tenby’s harbour beach was ranked the most beautiful beach in Europe. It’s name in Welsh means little town of the fishes. So unsurprisingly, it

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Currents in Saundersfoot

In this article we are looking at different types of currents and how they affect the bay of Saundersfoot. Ocean currents are movements of seawater are mainly caused by the Coriolis effect (a force moving objects to the right in

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Chloe Nunnery – volunteering project in Fiji

In 2017 we supported Chloe Nunnery for her volunteering project in Fiji. Chloe is currently a student at university in Bristol and has been lucky enough to be accepted onto the Volunteer Eco Students Abroad Program. She travelled to Fiji in summer

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Coal mining Saundersfoot

The forgotten black diamond mining village Pembrokeshire may not be as synonymous with coal mining as the South Wales Valleys, yet in its heyday the harbour in Saundersfoot was shipping out around 30,000 tons of anthracite coal annually from its

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Cwtch Camping

Cwtch Camping has created real treasures when it comes to camping! If you are looking for a low key, relaxed campsite and your own slice of Pembrokeshire’s National Park to pitch up on then their Dews Lake Farm (near Lamphey) ticks those boxes.

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The history of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle boarding is believed to have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years for hunting and the discovery of safe, more verdant shores. Some believe that ancient Peruvian fishermen from Chan Chan, once the largest city in

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